How Propaganda is Destroying America’s Democracy; part 2

Did you know that on June 23, 2024 (the Eastern Orthodox Pentecost Sunday), on a beach in Sebastopol, Russia, US cluster bombs killed 4 civilians (including 2 children) and injured hundreds? It should be noted at the outset that cluster bombs are considered some of the most brutal weapons ever invented in modern warfare. They […]

What happened to American democracy?

“For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil . . .” (1 Tim 6:10). Sure, America is a democracy. However, over the next several posts I would like to suggest that it isn’t as rosy as we might believe. It is commonly believed that American democracy is the best form […]

Isr-Gaza: All is not quiet on the western front; it’s worse

Time seems to have lulled us into a state of apathy or complacency. Some of us have seen the horrors of what is taking place in Gaza, and we have had to turn away. Others have tuned it out altogether. But we cannot do so. People are dying. I don’t care for a minute if […]

Two kids a day is two too many: Understanding Isr-Pal #2

I have pleaded throughout the past 9+ mos that we endeavor to view the war on Gaza from the perspective of innocent women and children—be they Israelis or Palestinians. The death of one child, one young person, one grandmother, one father, or one sister is too many. In my last post, I began to ask: […]

What can we learn from Bathsheba? Understanding Isr-Pal #1

I was watching the game the other day when, at a critical moment, the umpire made a horrendous call, costing my team the game. It was unbelievable. This same umpire has done this to us before. For some reason, he has it out for us. The league is behind this too. After all, every time […]

“Finish them,” love Nikki

What was Nikki Haley thinking? Last week, a video surfaced in which Nikki Haley (former US delegate to the UN and Republican Presidential candidate), while visiting Israel, was seen signing a bomb. I hope this sounds like lunacy to you. Unfortunately, it gets worse. Now, it is one thing for someone to support Israel and […]

Equating Trump and Jesus? Why I am not comfortable with this

I’m not saying I am perfect; it is just that I don’t make mistakes. We all do it. We struggle to admit we are wrong. Surely I’m not mistaken, it must be you. We do it with our favorite sports teams. If we were to ask, “Was that a foul?,” “Was that a touchdown?,” or […]

Out of control: College activists or limiting free speech?

What Makes America Great? In light of my recent series, “Why I believe the US is the Beast (empire),” some of you may suspect that I am anti-American. This is not true. I believe that power and money influence those in power and that the US and most governments embody this power. But that doesn’t […]

College Campus Protests Unveil the Shadow of Antisemitism

NB: This is a guest post from Determinetruth’s Danny Hall It’s complicated When anyone asks me what I think about the current Israel/Gaza conflict this is the first thing that comes into my mind. The region has a very complicated history, with multiple and often competing narratives of how we arrived at the current situation. […]

The Dangerous love for Israel: blind devotion? Part 2

When it comes to Israel, Gaza, Russia, and Iran many Christians are decidedly in favor of Israel. There is a sense in which this is fine. After all, Christians’ support for Israelis could be considered an example of loving our neighbor. In my last post, I laid a foundation arguing that the mission of God’s […]